Shopamine Features


Content tools (CMS)

Build your navigation

  • Easily build your navigation by adding pages and sub-pages.
  • Separatelly build your navigation in footer and header

Unlimited Layouts for each page

  • Use Column boxes to build unlimited layouts on each page
  • Stack coloumns to suit your layout idea
  • Content dinamically adapts to coloumn width

Publish content on each page

  • Use Content boxes & publish content the way it suits your story
  • Copy paste or move boxes as you please
  • Add: Titles, text, galleries, videos, images, links, HTML, ...

Mobile ready

  • All content is automatically adapted for mobile devices
  • Use rules and display specific content for each device

Marketing, analytics & SEO tools

Discount coupons

  • Create discounts based on $ or %
  • Set coupon expiration date
  • Limit your special offers to selected products, brands, collections, shipping price

Marketplaces exports

  • Export your products' listings to marketplaces
  • Limit products exports to brand or category/collection
  • Order your own export set-up (free of charge)

Landing pages

  • Build a landing page with Shopamine CMS
  • Easily add a Call-to-action button / Mailchimp form
  • Use a separate template & domain for landing pages

Analytics, Facebook, Google TAG manager ...

  • Easy integrate / add Facebook pixle, AdWords conversion code, Google TAG manager or any other tracking script
  • Natively integrated Google Analytics E-Commerce
  • Track each checkout step separatelly 

SEO titles, metatags

  • Automatically generated page / image titles can be changed manually
  • Simply paste metatags to each page / product page
  • Automatically genertated OG tags

301 redirects, cannonical tags

  • Native tool for 301 redirects
  • Automatically generated cannonical tags for product pages


  • Generate promotions like: gifts, free shipping,  buy 1 get 2, buy 2 get X discount on the cheapest ...
  • Set rules to trigger promotions
  • Show banners with countdown

Products showcase

Product catalog / collections

  • Display product collections on any page
  • Native advanced product filters, sorting, pagination
  • Create product Brand pages, product variants, product options

Promotional products display

  • Show products you want to promote on any page
  • Insert products on content pages (e.g. blog post)
  • Use rules to display products upon user types, date & time, device ... 

Related products

  • Show related products on a product page
  • Show only selected related products in Shopping Cart

Dynamic banners

  • Create a banner from existing product data
  • Tweak product banner's message and display
  • Use rules for displaying banners upon user types, date & time, device ... 


Checkout steps

  • SECURE CHECKOUT: GeoTrust SSL certificate included
  • One click checkout for returning users
  • Guest checkout

Integrated Payments

  • Payment GateWays: Braintree, PayPal, Adyen 
  • COD (Cash On Delivery)
  • Quote & pay / Configure your own


  • Add shipping services based on weight, cart price, item count
  • Set-up international shipping upon shipping zones
  • Use shipping rules to display shipping charges upon: zones, countries, items in cart, user types etc.

My Account

  • Customers can log-in into their account
  • Check order status (also available for guest customers via link)
  • Review past orders and reorder the same products



  • Add as many domains you want
  • Set-up languages for each domain (one or many)


  • Easy translate all content you add 
  • Use rules to show content upon selected language
  • IP to location - show translation upon customer origin IP


  • Automatic currency converter upon or ECB reference rates
  • Manual exchange rate setting 

Tax settings

  • Add taxes as VAT, Sales tax etc.
  • Setup Tax rates
  • Setup tax rules and zones

B2B features for distributors, wholesalers


  • Integrate your ERP with Shopamine through our API
  • Show logged-in users their special prices in real time
  • Display only products that have special prices assigned in ERP

Customer management

  • Open new B2B customers manually
  • Add customer's shipping and billing addresses
  • Create customer groups

B2B & B2C

  • Use a separate template for B2C and B2B customers 
  • Use a separate domain for B2B and B2C store
  • Hide categories, brands, pages for B2B customer grups

Ordering flow

  • Reorder previously ordered list of products
  • Table view product catalog - quick add to cart many products at once
  • Add purchase managers and require order confirmation before placing an order

Sales on the road

  • Assign B2B customers to sales reps
  • Sales rep can make a purchase on site for assigned customers
  • Add products to cart by using a mobile device camera as barcode scanner

XML / CSV exports

  • Create your own export template
  • Assign export templates to users
  • Hide products, brands, collections for specific user's exports

Batch / productivity tools

CSV importer

  • Bulk import from CSV file
  • Subsequently import only selected coloumns to refresh only selected data (e.g. stock, discounts)
  • Excel/CSV import templates for Pages/Navigation, Attributes, Products

Batch edit product catalog

  • Filter and select multiple products
  • Batch edit: add/remove collections, brands, TAGs, visibility, discounts, ...

Integrations & developers tools

API, tech support

  • API documentation (beta)
  • B2B API for real-time prices from ERP
  • We offer scheduled technical support for developers 

Development on demand

  • Request an upgrade or integration to fit your business
  • Get a review and estimation
  • Themes customization on demand

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