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KEYEWE008 Keyboard Ewent PLAY Mechanical RGB Gaming, Illuminated RGB, USB, US SLO g. €69.95 16
CASEWE004 Case ext. for M.2 NVMe 2230-2280 to USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C, ALU, Ewent EW7024 €59.95 16
PSUEWE003 Power adapter for NB, USB Type-C, 65W, Power Delivery, Ewent EW3980 €49.95 7
ADAEWE003 HDD/SSD docking, 2x 2.5/3.5, SATA to USB 3.1, black, Ewent EW7014 €44.95 24
KEYEWE001 Keyboard Ewent Smart TV Wireless with touchpad, US SLO g. €39.95 38
GAMEWE002 Gaming pad Ewent Wireless USB Gamepad, rechargeable €39.95 11
PSUEWE005 PSU ATX 600W, PFC, V3.1, Ewent EW3908 €39.95 21
CASEWE002 Case ext. 2,5" USB-C 3.1 to SATA3, ALU, black, Ewent €39.00 22
ADAEWE002 HDD/SSD docking, 2.5/3.5, SATA to USB 3.1, black, Ewent EW7012 €34.95 13
BAGEWE002 Notebook sleeve and wireless mouse set Ewent, black €34.95 19
CASXXX004 Case ext. for M.2 2280, USB 3.1, Ewent EW7023 €32.50 6
CASEWE001 Case ext. 2,5" USB-A 3.0 to SATA3, Keylock encrypted, black, Ewent €31.95 7
PSUEWE001 Power adapter for NB, universal, 90W, 11 tips, Ewent EW3966 €30.45 44
KEYEWE004 Keyboard Ewent PLAY Gaming, Illuminated RGB, USB, US SLO g. €29.95 17
STDEWE003 Stand Laptop cooling pad 17", 5 silent fan, 2x USB, Ewent EW1259 €29.95 > 50
VOIEWE004 Microphone Ewent Professional Multimedia, with stand €29.95 > 50
PADEWE002 Mousepad Ewent PLAY RGB Gaming €29.95 18
VOIEWE006 Headset Ewent PLAY RGB Gaming, mic €29.95 29
STDEWE001 Stand Ewent Monitor riser with drawer €24.95 7
VOIEWE001 Headset Ewent PLAY Gaming, mic €24.95 38
BAGEWE001 Bag for notebook Ewent Backpack 17.3'' USB port, black EW2529 €24.95 20
SMPEWE004 Wireless Charging Stand Qi, 10 W, Ewent EW1192 €24.95 3
KEYEWE007 Key. & Mou. Ewent Wireless Multimedia Combo, USB, SLO €24.95 > 50
MOUEWE003 Mouse Ewent Wireless Ergonomic Vertical, 1600dpi, black, USB €22.95 > 50
PSUEWE004 PSU ATX 500W pro line, V2.31, Ewent EW3909 €22.95 25
STDEWE002 Stand Ewent, adjustable PC case stand on 4 wheels, black €19.95 20
GAMEWE001 Igralni plošček Ewent USB Gamepad €19.95 20
FLAEWE008 USB hub USB-C to 4x USB-A 3.0, black, Ewent EW1137 €19.95 11
STDEWE006 Stand Laptop cooling pad 17", 2x silent fan, 4 port USB HUB, Ewent EW1257 €19.95 11
SMPEWE05 Car charger 2-port, 1x USB Qualcomm QC 3.0, 1x USB-C PD black, Ewent EW1356 €19.95 13
ADAEWE006 Adapter cable Mini DisplayPort 1.2 (Thunderbolt) to HDMI/DVI/VGA, Ewent €19.95 38
FLAEWE001 USB hub USB-C to 4x USB-A 3.0, black, Ewent €18.95 7
ADAEWE004 USB hub 4-port USB 3.1, black, Ewent EW1136 €18.95 30
SSAEWE005 Adapter USB-C 3.1 Gen1 to SATA, for 2.5" SSD/HDD, black, Ewent EW7075 €17.95 44
CABEWE001 Cable USB 2-in-1, Micro USB and Lightning adapter, 1m, black, Ewent €17.50 11
ADAEWE001 Adapter HDMI to VGA, Ewent EW9864 €16.95 > 50
SSAEWE001 Adapter USB 3.0 to SATA for 2.5" SSD/HDD, black, Ewent €15.95 > 50
MOUEWE002 Mouse Ewent Ergonomic Vertical, 1800dpi, black, USB €15.95 > 50
SSAEWE003 Adapter SSD/HDD to 12,7mm DVD slot, SATA3, Alu, Ewent €15.95 > 50
SSAEWE004 Adapter SSD/HDD to 9,5mm DVD slot, SATA3, Alu, Ewent EW7003 €15.95 > 50
STDEWE004 Stand Laptop cooling pad 17", silent fan, 2x USB, Ewent EW1258 €15.95 14
VOIEWE005 Headset Ewent Foldable On-ear, black €15.95 27
MOUEWE010 Mouse Ewent PLAY RGB Gaming, 4800 dpi, USB €15.95 21
MOUEWE001 Mouse Ewent Ergonomic Vertical, black, USB €14.95 ask
FLAEWE004 Smart card reader USB 2.0, black, Ewent €14.95 12
PADEWE001 Mousepad Gaming Blue Lightning, Play by Ewent €14.95 28
MOUEWE004 Mouse Ewent PLAY Gaming, 3200 dpi €14.95 9
FLAEWE007 Card reader USB 3.0, compact, USB-C and USB-A, Ewent €14.95 7
CASEWE003 Case ext. 2,5" USB 3.1 to SATA3, black, Ewent EW7044 €14.95 19
STDEWE005 Stand Laptop cooling pad 17", 2x silent fan, Ewent EW1256 €14.95 17
KEYEWE005 Keyboard Ewent Numeric keypad, black, USB €14.95 10
SMPEWE003 Car charger, 2x USB, 5A, Qualcomm QC 3.0, black, Ewent EW1352 €14.95 14
FLAEWE002 Card reader USB 2.0 and USB hub 3-port, Ewent €13.95 9
SOUEWE002 Sound card USB Virtual 7.1 3D, Ewent €11.95 31
KEYEWE006 Keyboard Ewent Standard, black, USB, SLO €10.95 > 50
SOUEWE001 Sound card USB Virtual 5.1 3D, Ewent €9.95 ask
CABEWE002 Cable USB-A to USB-C 3.0, 1m, black, retail, Ewent €9.95 19
CABEWE006 Cable USB 3.0 A to Micro-B, 3m, black, Ewent €9.95 31
MOUEWE006 Mouse Ewent Wireless Optical, 1000dpi, black, USB €9.95 ask
MOUEWE007 Mouse Ewent Wireless Optical, 1000dpi, blue, USB €9.95 ask
MOUEWE008 Mouse Ewent Wireless Optical, 1000dpi, red, USB €9.95 1
VOIEWE003 Headset Ewent, volume control, mic €9.95 19
ADAEWE005 Adapter cable DisplayPort to HDMI, 0.15m, Ewent €9.46 5
CLEEWE002 AirDuster, 400ml, Ewent €7.95 38
CLEEWE003 Cleaning Kit for screens, 200ml fluid and cloth, Ewent €7.95 27
CLEEWE004 Cleaning Isopropyl Alcohol spray, 200ml, Ewent €7.95 19
CLEEWE005 Cleaning Universal wet cleaning wipes 100pcs, Ewent €7.95 33
CABEWE012 Cable USB-C to USB-C, 1.8m, black, Ewent €7.95 17
CABEWE010 Cable USB 2.0 A to USB-C, 1.8m, black, Ewent €7.50 9
CABEWE011 Cable USB-C to USB-C, 1m, black, Ewent €7.50 29
VOIEWE002 Microphone Ewent Multimedia Microphone €6.95 > 50
CABEWE009 Cable USB 2.0 A to USB-C, 1m, black, Ewent €6.95 ask
SSAEWE002 Adapter SSD/HDD, from 2,5" to 3,5" Ewent €5.95 > 50
CABEWE005 Cable USB 3.0 A to Micro-B, 1.8m, black, Ewent €5.95 25
MOUEWE005 Mouse Ewent Optical, 1000dpi, black, USB €5.95 25
CABEWE004 Cable USB 3.0 A to Micro-B, 1m, black, Ewent €4.95 33
CABEWE008 Cable USB-A 2.0 to Micro USB, 1.8m, black, Ewent €4.95 23
MOUEWE009 Mouse Ewent Mini Optical, 1000dpi, black, USB €4.95 ask
CABEWE003 Cable USB-A 2.0 to Micro-USB, 1m, black, Ewent €3.95 19
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