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Logitech AKCIJA

Code Title Price Stock Quant.
SPPLOR058 Spare part Logitech, Wired 3.5 mm Headset Ear Pads, 10 pairs €1.95 10
SPPLOR033 Spare part, Mice feet replacement for MX Performance, Logitech €5.50 4
SPPLOR044 Spare part Logitech, Ear Pads for H800 €6.50 2
SPPLOR046 Spare part Logitech, Mice feet replacement for G602 €6.95 call
SPPLOR038 Mice feet for G502, Logitech €7.95 5
SPPLOR037 Ear pads for G230, Logitech €8.95 1
MOULOB034 Miška Logitech OEM B100 Optična, črna, USB €9.37 > 50
SPPLOR048 Spare part Logitech, Ear Pads for G231 Prodigy €9.95 call
SPPLOR050 Spare part, Mice feet replacement for MX Master, Logitech €9.95 6
SPPLOR051 Spare part, Mice feet replacement for MX Anywhere 2, Logitech €9.95 1
MOULOR091 Logitech M90 corded mouse, black, USB €10.42 > 50
SPPLOR059 Spare part, Mice feet replacement for Logitech G403, G603 and G703 €10.95 2
MOULOR250 Mouse Logitech B170 Wireless, black €12.95 11
SPPLOR014 Logitech sprejemnik za miško MX Revolution (2007) €13.95 5
KEYLOB027 Logitech OEM K120, USB, SLO €14.59 > 50
SPPLOR011 Receiver Logitech Unifying, 993-000439 €14.95 > 50
SPPLOR021 Receiver Logitech for R400/800 Presenter €14.95 3
SPPLOR047 Spare part Logitech, Ear Pads for G633 and G933 €14.95 1
SPPLOR025 Logitech sprejemnik za Wireless H600 headset €16.40 1
SPPLOR029 Sprejemnik Logitech za F710 €17.02 4
SPPLOR041 Spare part Logitech, Z906 remote control €17.95 5
SPPLOR049 Spare part Logitech, USB Micro-B braided cable for G633 €19.00 5
SPPLOR056 Spare part Logitech, Audio cable for G633 €19.00 1
SPELOB003 Logitech S120 Speakers 5W OEM €19.95 19
Zvočniki Logitech S150 5W RMS črni USB OEM SPELOB005 Logitech S150 Digital USB Speaker System OEM €19.95 call
MOULOR115 Logitech M185 Wireless, nano, optical, grey €19.95 > 50
SPPLOR042 Logitech reciever for MK270 and MK345 €19.95 6
SPPLOR052 Receiver Logitech for G933 €21.90 1
SPPLOR060 Receiver Logitech for G533 €21.90 call
SPPLOR026 Receiver Logitech for Wireless H800 headset €24.60 2
MOULOR227 Mouse Logitech M187 Wireless, White €24.95 7
MOULOR244 Mouse Logitech M220 Silent, Black €24.95 > 50
MOULOR245 Mouse Logitech M220 Silent, Blue €24.95 50
MOULOR246 Mouse Logitech M220 Silent, Red €24.95 > 50
MOULOR242 Mouse Logitech M187 Wireless, Black €24.95 call
KEYLOR108 Keyboard K280e Comfort, Logitech, USB, SLO g. €29.72 3
MOULOR223 Logitech M235 Wireless, AO, nano, gray €29.95 36
MOULOR222 Mouse Logitech M235 Wireless, AO, nano, red €29.95 43
SPPLOR057 Spare part Logitech, Group power adapter €30.44 2
VOILOB003 Logitech PC Headset 960 USB €33.90 12
CAMLOR076 Logitech Webcam C270, USB €35.95 11
MOULOR247 Mouse Logitech M330 Silent Plus, Black €39.95 45
MOULOR248 Mouse Logitech M330 Silent Plus, Blue €39.95 > 50
MOULOR249 Mouse Logitech M330 Silent Plus, Red €39.95 42
MOULOR257 Mouse Logitech M500 corded mouse, laser, USB €39.95 > 50
MOULOR238 Logitech M705 Wireless, unifying, dark €51.95 > 50
MOULOR284 Miška Logitech MX Anywhere 2 for Business, Unifying, DarkField laser, polnilna €79.95 26
MOULOR283 Mouse Logitech MX Master for Business, Unifying, DarkField laser, rech. €89.95 2
CAMLOR075 Webcam Logitech C920, USB €119.95 8
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